Do you have doubts?

Me too! Join me in examining the questions. Asking questions opens us to growth and transformation.

Have a yearning for something more “spiritual” but don’t really know what that means?

Me too! The chance to sit and talk quietly about what this might be for you is rare. I’d love to be a companion in this conversation.

Longing for a connection to something larger than yourself?

I can relate. Let’s investigate what that connection might look and feel like. We want to belong, to be accepted. Deep listening offers you time and safety with total acceptance, now.

Not sure you have “faith”? Not sure what “faith” means?

I’ve wondered and continue to wonder. Let’s explore what “faith” is, together. By examining our interpretation of faith and grace we come to spiritual self-understanding.

Don’t know how to pray? Don’t know who/what you are praying to?

I’ve been there. Let’s explore what prayer can be and how it can feel. Prayer offers many things—solace, hope, discernment, going deeper with the Mystery, and a place to “vent”—to name a few.

Spiritual direction is a journey we take together.

I’d like to accompany you on the journey into self-awareness and spiritual deepening.

You are the light. I can reflect your light, illuminate what you already know, and help guide you, gently, into a place of greater self-understanding. Using reflective listening and evocative questioning, prayer, silence and other spiritual practices we can travel many places. We can share our stories and make meaning, together.

I offer a safe place for this process of asking the questions that are on your heart and mind. I offer a non-judgmental presence and a time of listening so that you might speak and hear exactly what you need to hear in the moment.

I offer a quiet place, to sit in silence. Light a candle. Rest. Speak. Listen. We do this together. We learn from one another, as we go. We heal. We grow. We expand, evolve, transform. Join me on the journey that is your lived experience. Explore who you are and ignite your light.