Juvenile justice

“The thing I’m most afraid of is being alone.”
“I have a baby on the way. Will that make a difference?” (to the judge)
“What will happen to me?”

…teens in the King County Juvenile Detention Center, 2015

Are you a parent or a family member of an incarcerated teen or a youth who is involved in the juvenile justice system?

Are you a caretaker, a social worker, a probation officer, an attorney, a case manager, a counselor, or a correctional officer for incarcerated youth?

You might want to talk about your experiences in a safe environment with someone who has come to know more than 450 youth held in detention. I have provided spiritual direction for incarcerated youth for six years and have learned much about the juvenile justice system in Washington state. I have heard hundreds of stories and been able to understand what it is like to be in the system. I have learned about many of the circumstances and issues that caused youth to be detained. I take a nonjudgmental approach to listening and supporting youth and on occasion, staff, in the detention system.

You would have a confidential, safe place to talk about the problems, feelings, challenges and circumstances in your journey, whatever role you have with youth. Hopefully you would find some comfort, support and understanding. You are not alone. I will listen with full attention.

Together we could explore your experiences and find ways to ease the burdens of fear, guilt, frustration, anger and burn out that can plague your efforts to walk with the youth in your home and work life. I offer a special knowledge in this area derived from years of listening that could support your own efforts to grieve, heal, understand what is happening and to keep on going.