About you

Your presence is wise and loving. Your light exists in the wider, amazing world. The world is a web of interconnections. You can’t tug on one connection without affecting all the others. Your presence is a part of this larger web, as are your family and friends. Even if you feel you are “all alone” you are still connected to your community and to the wider world.

Spiritual direction is attending, together, to your light within and to that web of connections and outward relationships. We are surrounded, ultimately, by Nature and by a larger Presence that I call God. We are soul and spirit held in Nature, or, if you will, in God’s Love. We are forever held in that Ultimate embrace out of which we can never fall.

You might think of “soul” as our longing to reconnect with our own deep selves. You might think of “spirit” as our longing to connect with something larger than ourselves, to understand where we fit in, where we belong, in the greater scheme of things. We are a part of the matrix of meaning beyond our single self. Nature and God are ultimate in this way of faith, yet we are a part of it and are co-creating our daily reality within the Ultimate. We simultaneously create our reality and are created and influenced by the great Mystery.

I often think of God as a great Mystery, a sacred energy—mysterious beyond logical knowing and yet “true.” When we speak of “yearning” for God, perhaps we are speaking of the desire to meld our own soul, our own essence, with that essence we label God/Nature. We yearn to meld with the Mystery, with the Sacred Energy, becoming One. We yearn to know why we are here, who we are, and to touch the Mystery we sense, we know is there.

Life is complicated. Life is full of paradoxes, exciting, sometimes daunting. We are often full of doubts, full of questions. Sometimes we are caught up in grief, anger, depression or physical pain and it’s frustrating limits. Yet, how good it is to be alive! Walking together, we can explore the complications, the questions, the paradoxes of your life. I will listen, encourage, gently challenge, and hold a safe space for you to explore. Your own light will be revealed. Your light will glow brighter.