About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is sometimes called spiritual companionship, spiritual mentoring, spiritual guidance or spiritual counseling. The process is one of deep and reflective listening with the goal to help you discern how God, the Sacred Mystery, the Divine Source, is moving in your life. It is a process of growing self-awareness and self-understanding, and a way to listen to your own inner wisdom, such that your sense of the spiritual, and your connection to that which you define as spiritual, is deepened. It is a way of mutual companionship with a focus on that which represents the Spiritual, or God, to you. This may include Nature, various faith traditions or religions, poetry, music, art, and various spiritual practices such as prayer or journaling.

The term “spiritual counseling” is a bit of a misnomer. To be clear, I am not trained or licensed as a therapist and do not offer “counseling” or treatment for psychological needs. If we determine that you might benefit from counseling I can offer referrals.

As your spiritual director I pay attention to your interior life with you. I care about your deeper self, your heart’s desires, and your spiritual journey. I help you interpret your ongoing experiences so that you gain experience in the art of discernment: learning which of your inner voices to trust and which to question. I offer reflections on what you share without judgment. I am able to offer resources that might support your journey during the time when we are apart.

First meeting, and beyond

Our first one-hour meeting will be a time of getting to know one another. There is no charge for this meeting. If you feel we are a “fit” we would go forward together, meeting once or twice a month, as you wish, usually for one hour. Weekly sessions are also available. You always set the agenda of each meeting.

In-person sessions are preferable.
Telephone, Skype and FaceTime sessions are also possible.


I offer my services for $70.00/hour.